​1103 Valley Rd
Stirling, NJ 07980

Bed, Biscuit & Resort Spa

Your pet will be staying in a leading-edge pet care facility. The Kennels Special features include:

  • Private spacious indoor-outdoor  runs Climate-controlled environments (fully air conditioned/heated)
  • Ambient music throughout facility
  • Professional grooming
  • Residence on premises
  • Transportation
  • Air purification systems
  • Obedience training
  • Latest cleaning and disinfecting technology
  • Veterinarian recommended facility
  • Trained and caring profession staff
  • Smoke and fire detection systems

Boarding Service Menu

  • Medication Per administration
  • Supplements Per administration
  • Special meals preparation Per preparation
  • Extra Feedings Per serving
  • Food from home Per serving
  • Water from home Per serving
  • Treats from home Per serving
  • Special handling care Minimum
  • Daily coat brushing Per daily session
  • Per session with non-daily schedule

Note: The above services are available from 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.daily.

Vaccine Requirements for Lodging
Dogs: Rabies Cats: Rabies
Distemper/Parvo Virus Distemper
Bordetella Leukemia/HIV test
Canine Influenza

Vaccines should be administered at least 10 days prior to boarding. We reserve the right to isolate any animal receiving vaccines within 10 days of arrival. Isolation charges will apply. All vaccines must be up to date and verified by documentation from you veterinarian.

*Recommended for all boarding and grooming dogs although not required. Please consult your veterinarian.

Meal Information
We feed All Science premium foods to our canine and feline guests. You may bring your pet’s regular food in a sealed container if you are feeding a different brand and do not with to substitute.* Due to the natural excitement your pet may experience upon arrival at our kennel, we recommend that you limit the amount of food you provide your pet on the day of admission. Likewise, food and water should be limited for the first hour or two after your pet arrives home from the kennel. This will give your pet time to settle down before feeding. On the day of departure, animals staying after the 11:00 a.m. check-out will be fed a morning meal. Special feeding schedules and preparations can be accommodated.*
*Please refer to our Boarding service Menu

Dog and Cat Specialty Foods
We carry the latest in high-quality All Science dog and cat premium foods. Our friendly, courteous staff is always ready to assist you in your selection.
Featuring the Following Exclusive Supplies

  • Stuffed and squeaky toys
  • Comfy beds
  • Cat toys
  • All Science dog foods
  • Collars and leashes
  • Rawhide chews and other treats
  • Frontline
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner

Dispensing Medication
We will administer oral or topical medication as directed as well as injections. Rates may be obtained from our receptionist.

Medical Care
If your pet should require medical attention while in our care, our customary procedure is to contact your veterinarian. Should the nature of your pet’s illness require an office visit, we reserve the right to utilize our site veterinarian, depending upon the illness and the travel required to access your veterinarian. Please provide us with a phone number where you or the person you designate can be contacted in the event of an emergency. Oral, topical, and injection medication can be administered to your pet while boarding. Please refer to our Boarding Service Menu.

Pets Boarding Together
We can accommodate requests to have pets of the same species from one family board together. On rare occasions, some pets boarding together may have disagreements that can result in injury to one or both. Due to this, our normal policy is to feed dogs separately.

All pets staying with us are provided with an elevated soft bed at no additional cost. We provide bedding that is laundered daily; However, we will accommodate your pet’s own bedding, provided it can be laundered by us.

Premium Beds
Premium Beds are available which provide superior comfort and support, especially for dogs with joint problems caused by conditions such as arthritis or Lyme Disease.

Personal Belongings
Our kennel carries many toys that we make available to our guests during their stay. We ask your cooperation in limiting the amount of belongings you send with your pet. A personal toy from home may accompany you pet; however, loss or damage to this item may occur and is not the responsibility of the kennel.

Pet Lodging